Backdrops are available as Stylized Backdrops & Basic Backdrops

Stylized Backdrops

Distinguished by their hand-painted texturing,  “Stylized Backdrops” showcase a level of craftsmanship that sets them apart. Each backdrop is an exclusive, one-of-a-kind texture, meticulously created, nature inspired.

Alabaster 6’x7′ 

$540.00 CAD

Brushed Marigold 5’x6′ 

$385.00 CAD

Petrified Stone 6’x7′ 

$540.00 CAD

Spattered Slate 6’x7′ 

$540.00 CAD

Parchment 4’8″x 6’10” 

$348.00 CAD

Wispy Grays 7’x 6’8″

$540.00 CAD

Distressed Juniper 6’x7′ 

$540.00 CAD


White Washed Stone 6’x7


Mottled Grays 7’x8′ 

$720.00 CAD

Gray Frost 6’x7′ 

$540.00 CAD

Warm Marble 6’x7′ 

$540.00 CAD

Distressed Taupe 7’x9′ 

$790.00 CAD

Backdrops Basics

The Backdrops Basics collection consists of uniformly textured monochromatic backdrops. Custom Basics offers the option to select your preferred color and size, with dimensions available up to 7’x12′. 

Tan 5’x7′ 

$395.00 CAD

Olive 5’x7′

$395.00 CAD

Charcoal 5’x7′ 

$395.00 CAD

Tanned Leather  6’x7′ 

 $480.00 CAD

Distressed Charcoal 7’x9′

$720. CAD

Light Gray Stone 5’x7′ 

$395.00 CAD

Dusty Chestnut 6’x7′ 

$480.00 CAD

Deep Cedar 6’x7′ 

 $480.00 CAD

Holdsworth backdrops are  crafted using the finest artist-quality matte acrylic paint, executed on 12oz primed 100% cotton canvas.

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